Reflex Lymphatic Drainage

Reflective lymphatic drainage on the foot

The lymphatic drainage is a targeted stroking massage, which promotes lymphatic drainage. Many diseases are caused by congestion of the lymphatic fluid returned. These lead to a pressure in the tissue, which can lead to nerve irritation and pain.

Among other things, the lymphatic system has the task of increasing fluid, foreign substances, cell debris, bacteria and remove viruses from the connective tissue. The lymphatic system can also be described as wastewater treatment plant of our body. In addition, the lymphatic system next to the intestine the most important part of our immune system.


  • Tissue detoxification
  • Very calming on the autonomic nervous system
  • Increase of the body's own defenses
  • Generally relieving pain when congestion or cramps are relieved
  • Decongesting on the whole body


  • Immune deficiency
  • Sports injuries (sprains, etc.)
  • Stress / accompanying burnout
  • Before and after surgery
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Deep relaxation / wellness